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ERCOT Wholesale Pricing Outrageous

Energy Consultant

Summer 2019, February 2021 and yesterday June 13 ERCOT wholesale rates have spiked and look to continue!!

If you have not fixed your Texas electricity rate yet, please do so right away!

Wholesale plans averaged to be the lowest plans for nearly 20 years up until this year in 2021!! What has happened? Tracing back to the last time wholesale price calculation methods were adjusted, ERCOT made changes in early 2019 called “Real-Time Co-optimization.”

Since then Summer pricing in Texas has spiked and looks to do so each year unless there is another demand lowering event like COVID in 2020. Is Texas Index pricing broke? Maybe for the consumer. But generators possibly will now be more incented to keep power online… or will generators be incented to create scarcity so that their returns grow exponentially?

We at Transparent Energy cannot predict the future, but without a fixed rate in Texas, the future may not look bright for your electricity bills. Please reach out to us for excellence in energy consulting.


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