Switching simply changes the REP who bills you for your energy usage starting on the date you switch. However, before you start receiving your bills from your new REP, you will receive a final bill from your old provider for the usage up to the switch date.

Your lights do not go out when you switch. All that happens is that your TDU (Poles & Wires Company) records your meter reading on the switch date and sends that information to your old REP for a final bill and to your new REP for them to begin billing you according to your new rate.


We are paid commissions by the several Retail Electric Providers (REPs) who have authorized us to be their representatives. So we never charge our clients directly for our professional services even though we regularly save our clients thousands.


The Retail Electric Providers (REPs) with which we have an agreement to recommend that REP to clients along with their PUCT numbers are 10076  AMERIPOWER LLC , 10105  APG&E , 10216  Circular Energy , 10177  CIRRO ENERGY , 10014  CONSTELLATION NEWENERGY INC , 10040  DIRECT ENERGY LP  , 10169  FRONTIER UTILITIES LLC , 10009  GREEN MOUNTAIN ENERGY COMPANY , 10118  Liberty Power , 10233  MIDAMERICAN ENERGY SERVICES LLC  ,10007  RELIANT ENERGY RETAIL SERVICES LLC  , 10205  SUMMER ENERGY LLC , 10141  Texans Energy , 10064  TRIEAGLE ENERGY LP , 10004  TXU ENERGY


Transparency is a value that describes and defines our company. It’s about honesty in dealings that is above reproach, treating others as we would want to be treated, and letting kindness be the standard by which we operate.


In most cases, if you are not in a contract, we can lower your rate right away.

However, if you are in a contract, you may have to wait a while. In that case, we can evaluate your current options and help to ensure your savings for the future.

Either way, please include us in the conversation! It costs you nothing for our professional analysis. We want to be your trusted energy professionals.


With a “Green Energy” plan the actual funds from your utility payments directly support renewable energy. The actual electricity coming into your facility remains the same and the quality of your service does not change.

What qualifies as renewable energy?

The PUCT defines it as:

“Any technology that exclusively relies on an energy source that is naturally regenerated over a short time … Renewable energy technologies include those that rely on energy derived directly from the sun, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, wave, or tidal energy, or on biomass or biomass-based waste products, including landfill gas.”- PUCT Substantive Rule §25.173(c)

What does that funding look like?

When you sign an electricity contract, your new REP will purchase Retail Energy Credits (REC’s) wholesale to compensate for your electricity usage. The REC’s for “Green Energy” plans are purchased from Renewable Resources. The plan may include any percentage of “Green Energy” from 100% to 1%.


Electricity prices vary daily according to the commodity futures markets. If you are going to fix a contract into the future, market data can help you decide what plan to sign up for.

However, no matter how knowledgeable a market analyst may be, he cannot know the future. No weatherman can tell you exactly what the temperature will be 365 days from now.

So here’s how we practically use the market here at Transparent Electricity Quotes:

  • We look for market lows to help our customers save money
  • We watch out for highs to help our customers avoid signing at a bad time
  • We use historical data objectively to help our clients make great decisions

We are cautious of advice that constantly uses future uncertainty and always represents the market as bullish to inspire fear, thus promoting urgency to sign immediately. The essence behind much of the “market data” presented by energy professionals is to get consumers afraid that the market will go up. The energy sales industry moves many contracts based on fear that leave a customer paying more.

On the other hand, objective knowledge of market trends is a huge aid to effectively manage costs and can help customers wisely discern what to do. Our solid market understanding is a major reason to call us at Transparent Electricity Quotes.  It allows our clients to save thousands.


Index Pricing is a wholesale rate that rides the market. It is for commercial customers who are willing to take on more risk in order to maximize savings.

Historically, index rates have been the lowest cost plans over time. So why doesn’t everyone sign up for them? The reason is because index rates constantly fluctuate with the market which carries the risk that price spikes may occur.

For example, in August 2011 a spike occurred. One of our providers’ index rates that month was 12.722 cents/kWh, but the price dropped to 3.335 in September and then to 2.728 in October. That is a rate less than 3 cents! In fact since index rates are wholesale, it is common that they stay between 2.5 & 3 cents/kWh. The average index price in 2012 with this provider was 2.538 cents/kWh. But due to the price spikes in 2011, the average that year was higher at 4.3 cents/kWh. But 4.3 cents/kWh is still a great rate!

So, the question that needs to be asked is: “Could your business easily handle an increase of double or triple energy rates on your electric bill for a short time, or would it be a strain?”

Index products also have an “Adder” charge which covers the cost of servicing your electricity account. When you request an Index quote, you will receive a quote for the adder along with what the market rates have been in recent months. The quote will be for contracted terms just like fixed products. The contracted terms allow you to avoid any added premiums due to the risk that you might switch away. However, most REPs will allow you to change from an index plan to a fixed rate at any time for the remainder of your contract term.

If maximum savings at the expense of risking occasional high bills appeals to you, index is likely to be the best plan for your company.


Deregulation is the introduction of competition into formerly monopolized markets. That competition is intended to drive prices down. However, Electricity deregulation has introduced yet another decision into the lives of busy consumers, and a complicated decision at that!

The Public Utility Commission of Texas Chairman, Donna Nelson, said, “Texans save money when they take the time to shop for their electricity.”

So whether you agree with deregulation or not, it is worth it to take the time to shop for your electric bill. Fortunately, you have found a company that will help you to shop smart!


When you sign a contract, you give your Provider the commitment that you will remain their customer. You also give the Provider the ability to go to Market to purchase a portion of your energy usage when it’s a good time to buy, as opposed to paying the going rate at market close every month. So the discounts from predictable customer payments and better wholesale purchasing are then passed along to you the customer.

Another reason month to month rates are usually more expensive is because it is more profitable for REPs to charge a higher rate to customers who don’t pay attention to their rates or their contract. So don’t allow yourself to be among those who are charged more than necessary! Let Transparent Energy help you with your next electricity contract decision.


We are growing! If office administration or lead generation is your specialty and you are interested in an exciting career in the deregulated energy industry, please Contact Us.

Also, we are open to reviewing highly qualified candidates who would like to become Energy Advisors. The position would allow you to become an approved Subcontractor through Transparent Energy. This is in no way a network marketing opportunity. Transparent Energy does not represent any network marketing companies and does not allow Subcontractors to recruit Energy Advisors under themselves. Requirements of the position are an extremely high level of integrity and a teachable attitude.

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