Who We Are

We are energy professionals, energy brokers, go-to guys for all things “energy bill.” We don’t charge for quotes and we don’t impose exclusivity. That makes us a safe place.

Why do we exist? Deregulation has caused much confusion for consumers looking to find the best energy plan. We exist to offer trustworthy help in that area. Since 2012 we’ve saved countless clients thousands on their energy bills and we invite you to be next.

Why the name Transparent? Transparency is something that can’t be faked. It’s honesty in dealings that is above reproach. It’s a value that not only describes our company, it defines our company.

Our Story

After seeing bad deal after bad deal from other electricity companies, our founder Kevin Krajewski dreamed of launching an energy company based on strong values and transparency. The goal would be kindness and care for all customers and suppliers. That goal became a reality in 2012 as Kevin Krajewski founded Transparent Energy with a few thousand dollars and a sketchpad. Since then our company has grown to servicing hundreds of clients in dozens of industries all across the USA. 

Our growth at Transparent has not happened overnight; rather our business grows slowly and steadily one relationship at a time with attention to detail for every client. Today we serve hundreds of clients who have saved thousands on their bottom line and we invite you to be next.

Founding of Transparent Energy

Our Founder

Kevin Krajewski is known as “the real deal” in the energy industry. His clients and suppliers appreciate him for his passion for integrity in business, his dealings according to the golden rule, and his slow and steady success one relationship at a time.

It was 2010 when Kevin chose to make his career in the energy industry. He began by  helping the A-Rep First Choice Power launch local offices in Texas. He then moved on to serve the electricity needs of businesses all over Texas from the PNM Resources trading floor until First Choice Power’s corporate acquisition. Thereafter in 2012, Kevin founded Transparent Electricity Quotes LLC, now Transparent Energy LLC. Kevin’s customer focus, strong values, and industry knowledge give Transparent Energy customers a unique advantage in deregulated energy markets.

Kevin avidly supports his local communities through the Chambers of Commerce, local associations, and non-profits.  He is passionate about his Christian faith and his family. He and his wife Alissa are blessed with 5 brilliant children: Lizzy, Anna, Zeke, Ike and Zack.

530 S Carrier Pkwy, Suite 303
Grand Prairie, TX 75051
Fx 972 854-6149