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Get lower energy rates through our strong and numerous supplier relationships.

Tap into excellence in energy procurement with:

plans specially tailored to maximize savings

professional negotiations on your behalf with supplier pricing desks

budget safety from unwarranted Terms & Conditions

professional energy market analysis


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Simple 3 step process:

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Once we receive your authorized Quote Request Form, we will work with your Transmission & Distribution Utility and top Retail Electricity Providers to generate accurate, valid, and lucrative rate plan proposals.

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Our quotes include our best recommendations along with many other options. Simply choose a plan to move forward.

3) Authorize Contract

We will send you a contract via email, fax, or E-sign  to return by Close of Business to secure your rate and lock in savings.

? What rates can I expect ?

Electricity rates are CONSTANTLY Changing! When you request a quote from us, you will receive some of the lowest rates available in the current market.


Typical commercial per kWh price for 12-60 Month Fixed Rate Terms:

$0.035 to $0.06


Average Wholesale Index per kWh price for the past 10 years:

$0.0312 + Adder


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